Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Math

We had a bit of a rough morning with our studies but we did manage to bring it back around and finish well with a Planet Earth documentary.

We enjoyed a fun math afternoon with our homeschool group.  The kids worked on estimating different amounts using pumpkins.

This picture was when the kids were predicting how far each of the pumpkins would roll down the ramp.

The funniest/ most awkward moment of the day had to be when Kristen asked for a brave adult volunteer.  I put up my hand and she quietly asked if I wanted to be mummified in toilet paper, which resulted in me dancing about and calling out, "I'm gonna be a Mummy!!"  The other parents sat and stared until one mom asked, "Is this a personal announcement?"  ", no--hahaha..." Awkward...

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