Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Special Birthday Surprises

Today we got to host a little surprise birthday party for our friend Ben.  He turns the mighty age of five on Thursday but this was the day we could squeeze in a little party get together.

In the morning the kids and I decorated with streamers and balloons.  Sean even drew Star Wars pictures on some of the balloons. Then we were off to the library to finally return a "lost" book.  I may have incurred some other library fines but lets not talk about that part...or  the part where I nearly drove off without buckling up Levi...Thankfully as I was pulling out of the parking lot he called out, "BUCKLE ME, MOMMY!!"

Back at home we grabbed some snack and this session of homeschool was brought to you by the letter L and the ever popular building blocks: LEGO!  The kids each got their own small bin of Lego that they got to sort into colours. At this point I was bursting with excitement as I taught them the joy of graphing information!  I shared with them how this was one of my favourite things to do when I was a kid.  They then made a bar graph to show how much of each colour was in their bin.  They happily worked away and enjoyed sharing and comparing their results.

Once they completed their math activity they were to build their own unique creation with only the blocks that were in their bin.  Then they were to make up a story to tell me about their creation.  They LOVED it.  I feel I may have prompted them a bit too much as I mentioned that they could make up something right out of their head or they could make a variation on an old story such as Little Red Riding Hood.  They all opted for a version of Little Red of course.  I think this will be a fun activity to go back to in the future.

In the afternoon the Bowmans showed up and we surprised Ben with our cheery, "Happy Birthday!!" He seemed quite pleased!  Denise had brought chocolate cupcakes and we had some munchies to share as well.  The kids played with Lego and watched a movie while Denise and I chatted the afternoon away.
It would seem we were fresh out of candles...( I did have a 40 candle, a 6 and a 7 but no 5 and no plain ones either) so we opted for the bamboo skewer. 

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