Saturday, October 08, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a glorious day it has been! It began with some much deserved and much enjoyed sleeping in! The kids may not have slept in all that much but I sure did and it was heavenly!

Once we finally got our day rolling we headed out to MacPhee's apple orchard to grab what was left of their Honey Crisp apples. It was a perfect day for walking and talking and sampling an apple or two.
 Levi loved climbing up the ladder to grab an apple.

 Such a beautiful orchard.

It was a wonderful drive out to Jennie and Troy's as well--the fall colours were delightful

It was wonderful to visit with Jennie and Troy and their families.  The kids took some time warming up to the other little ones but eventually enjoyed playing in the yard together.

 The girls playing dolls.

 And then it was time to jump!

On our way home we stopped to walk off some of the delicious food we had eaten. The trail was calling our name and we happily sauntered down it's winding path.

 He was pretty happy with his red Maple leaf.

We stopped to take some pictures and would you believe that we'll have been married 13 years on Tuesday?!!  How crazy is that!  Love him so much!

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