Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A Gorgeous Day For a Hike

This afternoon we went with some of our homeschool group friends on hike through the Boughton River trail.  It was such a lovely warm day and tomorrow is sounding good too!

I think I may have overestimated Levi's ability to get through this trail.  The poor lad is teething and we hiked during his regular nap time.  But he made it all the way through 3.4 kms of hiking without being carried.  He wasn't entirely happy all the time but he did it.

We celebrated by going home and enjoying some left over cake and a cup of hot chocolate for all.
 Super Scarlett ready to take on any kind of rugged terrain!

 And we're off!
 So pretty...

And this boy is just growing up too much!!  How can he be turning three next Tuesday?!

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