Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Birthday Bash

Such a full day of fun and so much cake!

We went to Charlottetown this morning. The kids wanted to go to Owl's Hollow, Best Buy and the Dollarama.  At Owl's Hollow I was able to get Marko a Carcassonne game expansion. 

Then we were off to search the mall for a tie clip.  We went to Moores, Tip Top, Winners a couple jewellery places and nothing really grabbed us.

Off to Best Buy we went so Sean could buy his first video game.  He picked up Minecraft which he was pretty pumped about. 

We walked to the front and it seemed like things were moving as slow as molasses in January.  I looked around somewhat frantically as I wanted to get going so I would be prepared for our guests in the afternoon.  One of the managers caught my eye and directed me to the "faster" moving line.  We did eventually move up and they rang up his purchase--it came to a little over $34 and Sean was paying cash with $35.  But they had no cash in the till so we got to walk around to another till to try that one...turns out there was no money in that till either.  Then he started pressing what seemed like a crazy amount of buttons until he turned around and asked, "How does $30 sound?--that way I don't have to make change."  "Perfect!"  I was still a little dubious and asked if he could really do that and he assured me he could.  I still don't understand how you could open your store for the day and not have any money in your tills.

We made a quick stop at Starbucks and I picked up Marko's free coffee gift.  It was a most delicious mocha frappuccino!  The kids enjoyed a few sips as well.  We quickly ran to the Superstore for a half price oreo cookies and cream cheesecake. And then we were headed back to Montague.

We had a lovely little party with the Bowmans and the Mooneys.  There was Lego and a movie and cake and gifts.  Nate was in his glory. 

We enjoyed a delicious pizza and some garlic fingers from Famous Peppers for supper and then Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk came for cake and more gifts.  And then we finished off the evening with a round of Sequence.

I forgot how much I enjoy that game.  It brought me back to sitting in Giles and Sharon's apartment at MCC.  So many evenings spent talking, drinking coffee and playing games.

 The happy party goers.

 Two happy birthday boys.


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