Thursday, November 17, 2016

Modern Art, Votes and Books...Oh My!

It has been a busy couple of days.  Yesterday we went to the art gallery with our homeschool group. We looked at the modern art section where the tour guide shared information about the different pieces.

These were our two favourite pieces:
 The artist had a lump of clay that he molded this way and that and then painted what he saw.  I love how 3-D it looks!

And this one is so cool:

 It sure feels like you can peel those coloured blocks right off the painting!

Afterwards the kids got to try their hand at acrylic painting and making different textures.

 Nate and Seth busy working on their masterpieces.

Today we joined another homeschooling family to learn about the Canadian election process.  Carolyn did a fantastic job sharing the information with the kids and engaging them in the different activities.

Casting their vote:

Afterwards we went out for pizza and play time at a park and the Stratford gym.  We made a quick stop in at the Bible for Missions store where I picked up these gems:

And would you believe there is a book sale at our library tomorrow?  I can't wait!!

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