Thursday, November 24, 2016

This Is An Ugly Wall

And it is located in our bedroom.  And would you believe that this isn't the ugliest it's ever been?!  When we first moved in, this little spot was covered with tacky looking mirror tiles.  One of them broke so we took the rest down and we were left with an ugly flowery wall paper which was tearing in places but we just left it.

That is until today.  I came upstairs to dust but I got distracted by the ugly and just had to do something about the wallpaper.  I grabbed a scraper from the hallway storage and got to work.  Of course I began this project just before I had to get supper started and we have Awana on Thursday nights. Gotta love when you think these kinds of things through!  It's interesting to note that on top of this hideous wall paper was some lime green paint then more ugly wall paper and another ugly wall paper on top of that.

I'm very glad that I got all the paper off and my mess cleaned up and supper made before Marko came home.  Not sure what he would have thought if he had come home while I was in the middle of my mess.

And now that he has seen it, he's encouraging me to continue and maybe we can get our master bedroom painted sooner than later! Does he even realize what this means?!! Striping all the walls tomorrow!! Well, no...not really.  Tomorrow is too busy for that but maybe Monday!

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Bernietothe9th said...

So what exactly are you down to is it plaster or wallboard ie paneling?