Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Surprise Birthday Bash

Last night a bunch of us got together to celebrate this lovely lady's birthday:

She is just amazing and so much fun.  We always dance together whenever we see each other.  Marko and I were able to make a date night out of it too.  We went to The Merchantman for supper where we both enjoyed a burger love worthy burger.  And then off we went to Desable for the birthday bash.  It was lovely to get together with friends and meet some more of Michelle's friends as well.

This morning Marko has taken the kids out to get their hair cut and this afternoon we're off to Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk's for some games and supper. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Time to Get Your Game On!

This afternoon and evening we played a few games.  We started with a round of Settlers...That was interesting.  My kids are high octane gotta move kids so trying to get them to stay seated while we played the game was near impossible which drove me nearly out of my mind.  It also didn't help that I was losing. Marko won and Nate came in second.  Later on Marko played Snakes and Ladders with Nate and Emma-Lyn which Emma-Lyn won.  He followed that up with a great game of Backgammon with Sean and Sean won that game.

Some of you might not like what I tell you next but, I took down our Christmas tree and most of our decorations as well. We have a small living room and the kids got a small Lego table for Christmas so space was at a premium.  Plus, this way I feel I can relax for the rest of the holidays and not have to think about getting things put away later.  I did leave the garland up in the kitchen as I do love the golden glow of the lights.



Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

What an amazing day!  The kids were up right at 7:30 just raring to go.  I had to grab my coffee before we all settled in the living room to open stockings and presents.  I will admit that the night before I had been peering under the tree hoping to spy a package the shape of snowshoes but, alas I did not.  And after finishing opening our gifts I looked up at Marko and said sadly, "So, I guess there weren't any snowshoes to be had eh?" And just at that moment Emma-Lyn came in carrying a very snowshoe shaped gift...YAY, SNOWSHOES!!

Sean, Nate and I were off to church for 9:30.  The others are still under the weather and stayed cozy and warm at home.  The boys and I returned shortly after 10:30 and it wasn't long until we were out the door again to head down to Montague Fellowship to help serve the Christmas dinner.  The boys did a great job.  Sean was a super big helper.  He did whatever needed being done and gave it his all and they both enjoyed meeting all the people and serving their dinners.  We stayed to help clean up and then headed home for a wee rest before heading out to Linda and Henk's for supper.  The wind had come up by then and the snow was blowing and there were some whiteout conditions along the way. We made it there and back safe and sound and enjoyed a marvelous time with family.

We decided to do a quick clean up once we got home and the kids got into their jammies and then we all settled in the living room to watch Elf.  And now the kids are asleep, there are no more jobs to do or places to be.  Tomorrow is a brand new day with no deadlines or schedules to keep. Time to just relax and enjoy my crazy little family.

 Christmas dinner.  Linda and Henk put on a wonderful spread.  Such a delight to spend Christmas with them and Grammie Peric.

The kids got 3-D activity books...Here is Levi modeling his pair of 3-D glasses.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve is Here!!

This morning Sean, Nate and I headed down to Montague Bible Fellowship Church to help prep veggies for the Christmas dinner they'll be putting on tomorrow afternoon. Marko, Emma-Lyn and Levi stayed home due to colds.

In the afternoon I took the kids to do their last minute shopping.  While the kids watched a show Marko and I put the finishing touches on our Christmas eve dinner.

After supper we went to the MacGregor's along with some other families from church.  We enjoyed a lovely little evening of singing, praying, reading the Christmas story and eating sweets.  It was such a cozy way to celebrate Christmas eve with some of our church family.

Now the kids are in their new Christmas pjs and sleeping soundly.  Time for me to get the last few things wrapped before heading to bed too.

Merry Christmas everyone!

 Waiting for supper.

 The very last minute family Christmas photo.

The kiddos in their new pjs.

Friday, December 23, 2016

It is Christmas Eve Eve!

And the kids are just a tiny wee bit excited!  Thankfully they were able to harness that excitement somewhat and help me get the house looking ship shape for the holidays. 

In the afternoon we read our Christmas book which happened to be a craft book.  We picked out a craft and got right to it. My kids love paint and were ever so happy to paint little walnut shell ornaments.  Marko came home early from work and took the kids on some errands for the rest of the afternoon.

After supper we decided to head to Johnstons River to see the dancing lights.  It was a fun little production and the kids were happy to run out and leave a donation as well as pick up a candy cane.

We headed into Charlottetown to check out Indigo and then landed at Dairy Queen for some late night blizzards and onion rings.

On our way home we rocked out to some Christmas tunes as well as a few regulars.  As we landed home in Montague we were bopping to Serena Ryder's Stompa. Fun times!

 Our little walnut ornaments. The middle one is supposed to look like me...or so I am told.

Dancing lights.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Time to Wrap

The kids finally seem to be asleep--they have been wired for sound all day!  Marko is in town to do a little shopping and catch the latest Star Wars flick.  So here I am by the tree with the wrapping paper and the quiet Christmas tunes playing as the snow softly drifts down onto the ground.  A perfect time to get some presents wrapped.

Funny moment with Levi today:  The boy was supposed to be down for a nap this afternoon but at one point he not only got up, but also came out of his room and downstairs.  He has never gotten out of bed before and even if he does wake up, he waits for me to come and get him.  I was not impressed and told him he wasn't to come out of his room without me coming to get him and he had to have a nap first.  He cried for a bit and then asked if he could go back upstairs.  I told him he could go and would you believe that the boy actually went back up and went to sleep?!!  I was astounded!  I thought he would just go up and play for a bit and wait for me to get him. Such a funny little guy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Busy, busy day!

But we had lots of fun.  Today our homeschool group hosted our annual craft day and we had a great time.  The kids made some really sweet crafts worthy of gifts to friends and family.  I worked a lot on the organizing and setting up and I had to cart all my craft supplies down to the church in my little red wagon.  I am plenty tired but thankful for such a great homeschool group and a great day had by all.

Thank you to Claire for taking these shots.  I was working with paint and didn't dare take the risk of bringing my camera out.

 Emma-Lyn painting her jar.
Sean working on an ornament.

And Nate concentrating on his Christmas tree string art.

Early Christmas Presents

 Gramma and Grampa Hope will be happy to know I'm sure, that they just got us this lovely chair:
 It was on sale at Canadian Tire and the kids and I picked it up today in Charlottetown.

The kids are also mighty pleased with the box that the chair came in.

 It was a busy day.  I made some more jammy short breads for our homeschool craft day tomorrow. And then we all piled in the van to head to Charlottetown to pick up the chair and to meet with friends at the Mount Community Centre to be part of a little Christmas service.  The kids and I sang some songs and listened to the message.  Afterwards we were invited out to Timmys for a treat. We had a couple more stops to make before heading home.

Sean helped me unload the chair and bring in the house.  As soon as that chair was out of the box, the kids were in it and having a wonderful time!  Grammy Peric popped in for a little visit and joined us for supper.  I made creamy chicken soup for them and had a small bowl myself before I headed back into town to visit with the girls.  We had supper at Swiss Chalet and then headed over to Karen's for our little gift exchange.

Yay, for little gifts!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Dance Recital

This afternoon Sean, Emma-Lyn and Nate had their Christmas dance recital in Charlottetown.  They all did a great job!  So fun to see them in their costumes and dancing on stage.

Here are a few shots from the afternoon.  Thank you Denise for these pictures!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

More Christmas Fun

Today the kids and I went to Charlottetown to run some errands.  It did not occur to me as we headed out that this was the last Saturday before Christmas, nor did I take into account the fact that it's been storming the past couple of days and people have been itching to get out again.  All this to say that the roads and stores in Charlottetown were an absolute madhouse!  So many people going everywhere!

The kids and I had to stop at one point for a little pep talk.  We had to remember to work together as a team and not worry about poking or annoying each other if we were going to make it through this excursion alive!  The kids did great and even when another shopper saw us and made comments such as: "Wow, you've got your hands full"and "Are they all yours?" and "Good luck with that," the children all quietly stood in line as we waited to purchase our items...I'm still not sure why having four kids entitles other people to comment on my state of affairs but such is life.

This evening we enjoyed going to our church's Christmas banquet.  It was a lovely evening and the food was scrumptious!

 The kids enjoyed the evening--even Levi who spent a good portion of it playing under our table.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Goodies

To begin the day we were quite surprised to discover the little river that had made its way from our kitchen sink all the way to the side door.  Thanks to our leaky faucet our sink had overflowed overnight.  Thankfully it wasn't too bad but not exactly how I was hoping to start our day. 

This morning the kids and I packed up some of our Christmas baking and brought our goodies to our neighbours.  We all enjoy this little excursion and the opportunity to chat with our neighbours.  This time not many of them were home but we left our little care packages on their doors to be enjoyed later.

I was glad we went out when we did since as we were delivering our last plate the snow started to fall and we were all beginning to feel quite chilled.  As soon as we were in the door it was time for a treat and some hot chocolate!  The snow came down fast and steady.  The kids played in the snow while I shoveled the driveway.  Marko got off work early due to the bad weather and road conditions.

We're in for some high winds tonight and cold temperatures.  A good night to stay home and stay warm and cozy by the Christmas tree.

Our little plates of goodies.

Christmas Baking

Grammie Peric has returned from Ontario and the kids were very glad to see her.  They kept asking when she was coming throughout the day.  They are very much looking forward to spending time with their Grammie.

This evening I did a bit of Christmas baking.  This is a tray of mystic bars, chocolate toffee cookies, pistachio nut clusters and jammy shortbread bars.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Busy Weekend

On Friday we went to the MacGregor's to celebrate Seth's birthday.  Seth had decided on a medieval times theme and asked guests to arrive in costume. The kids were pretty pumped about it.

 Sir Sean the Knight.  He made his crest.

 Nate was the resident blacksmith.

 And Emma-Lyn opted for a Robin Hood look.

The birthday crew.  They enjoyed making snowman puddle cookies, eating cake and hot chocolate flavoured ice cream and watching a movie together.

On Saturday the kids had their Sunday School Christmas concert rehearsal.  Afterwards we ran some errands and got inspired to redo our living room.  Marko and I had been talking about rearranging the room for awhile and Saturday evening seemed the time to start the project.  We didn't finish till midnight but we are ever so pleased with the result.  It feels like more of a library than a living room now and I'm okay with that!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Crafting Fun

This morning Sean opened his Advent book and it was Pioneer Christmas Crafts.  I had already picked out a craft for us to do and the kids were super excited to get started.

I have to say, it was a really fun way to get our day started.  The kids enjoyed painting their jars while talking about to whom they would give their masterpiece.

The snow is now gently falling and the kids are having quiet time. Soon we shall be on our way to Charlottetown for a dance rehearsal, a bit of shopping, a little treat and a look at some fun Christmas light displays.

Snowman Fun

I meant to post this picture back when we got all our snow but I think the power may have been out when I wanted to post it so here it is now:

My kids are so crazy...cute...but crazy.

We had a quiet day today and this evening I did some Christmas shopping and Marko went out to dinner with his coworkers.  He came home with ribs for me!  I think MarineNav should have more dinner dates!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

We Met the Lieutenant Governor Today!

Today the Lieutenant Governor and his wife hosted a lovely open house at his official residence, Fanningbank.  His honour was quite a gracious host. Upon our second walk through the house, he stopped the kids to give each of them his official pin and he stopped for a photo even though someone more important had just arrived.  It was such a cool experience.  The kids and I have been studying Canadian history and were all in awe at being in this beautiful place where the Charlottetown Conference delegates enjoyed various social functions.

 The Honorable  H. Frank Lewis, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island.

 All geared up for our second walk through this grand home.

 The dinning room.  The table dates back to 1834 when the house was built.

 A beautifully decorated chandelier.

There are nine functional fireplaces throughout the home. 

Monday, December 05, 2016

Sean is 11!

Sean is now officially 11! We had a pretty low key day. We got our school stuff out of the way and then ran some errands before coming home to watch Mythbusters.

Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk came for cake and presents in the evening.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Sister Time

This morning the kids and I went to Wood Islands to pick up my sister.  I'm so glad that the weather cooperated and the ferries were able to run on schedule.

We enjoyed a delightful visit.  While the kids played Karina and I were able to just chat together like old times and discuss and remember things that matter to us as sisters.  I definitely think we need more sister visits just like this one!

 Here we are taking Karina back to the ferry terminal.

Sean's party was pretty low key.  He didn't want any fuss or fanfare just his friends, some cake and gifts and a movie to watch.  They had a great time together!
 Sean was ever so excited to receive this gift.

It's Late and I'm Sleepy

It has been a busy and full past couple of days. 

Today Sean, Emma-Lyn and Nate went to their curling tournament.  Levi and I sat and watched for a bit and then returned home to get some work done. I managed to clean the house and work on a costume for one of the kids for an upcoming birthday party they will be attending.

In the afternoon I made some mint chocolate sparkle cookies for my folks and homemade mac n' cheese for supper.  In the evening Sean's friend, Gabe came over to spend the night.  Tomorrow afternoon we will be celebrating Sean's birthday and Auntie Karina is coming over tomorrow--that is if the ferry is running.

This evening I enjoyed a lovely night out with some wonderful mamas and we had the most delicious chocolate cake smothered in caramel sauce--it was sooo good!

And this is a picture of a couple of ornaments on our Christmas tree.  I enjoy these red disco balls quite a bit as it reminds me of the ornaments we had on the tree when I was a kid.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Our Advent Calendar is Ready!

There is a Christmas/winter themed book for each day leading up to Christmas day under the tree.

These are all books we already had on our shelves in case you were wondering if I went out and bought more books!! The kids were a little suspicious this evening at bedtime as I was searching their bookcases for any Christmas books and I wouldn't let them read them tonight.  Hopefully they will be pleasantly surprised in the morning!