Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Busy Weekend

On Friday we went to the MacGregor's to celebrate Seth's birthday.  Seth had decided on a medieval times theme and asked guests to arrive in costume. The kids were pretty pumped about it.

 Sir Sean the Knight.  He made his crest.

 Nate was the resident blacksmith.

 And Emma-Lyn opted for a Robin Hood look.

The birthday crew.  They enjoyed making snowman puddle cookies, eating cake and hot chocolate flavoured ice cream and watching a movie together.

On Saturday the kids had their Sunday School Christmas concert rehearsal.  Afterwards we ran some errands and got inspired to redo our living room.  Marko and I had been talking about rearranging the room for awhile and Saturday evening seemed the time to start the project.  We didn't finish till midnight but we are ever so pleased with the result.  It feels like more of a library than a living room now and I'm okay with that!

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