Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve is Here!!

This morning Sean, Nate and I headed down to Montague Bible Fellowship Church to help prep veggies for the Christmas dinner they'll be putting on tomorrow afternoon. Marko, Emma-Lyn and Levi stayed home due to colds.

In the afternoon I took the kids to do their last minute shopping.  While the kids watched a show Marko and I put the finishing touches on our Christmas eve dinner.

After supper we went to the MacGregor's along with some other families from church.  We enjoyed a lovely little evening of singing, praying, reading the Christmas story and eating sweets.  It was such a cozy way to celebrate Christmas eve with some of our church family.

Now the kids are in their new Christmas pjs and sleeping soundly.  Time for me to get the last few things wrapped before heading to bed too.

Merry Christmas everyone!

 Waiting for supper.

 The very last minute family Christmas photo.

The kiddos in their new pjs.

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