Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Early Christmas Presents

 Gramma and Grampa Hope will be happy to know I'm sure, that they just got us this lovely chair:
 It was on sale at Canadian Tire and the kids and I picked it up today in Charlottetown.

The kids are also mighty pleased with the box that the chair came in.

 It was a busy day.  I made some more jammy short breads for our homeschool craft day tomorrow. And then we all piled in the van to head to Charlottetown to pick up the chair and to meet with friends at the Mount Community Centre to be part of a little Christmas service.  The kids and I sang some songs and listened to the message.  Afterwards we were invited out to Timmys for a treat. We had a couple more stops to make before heading home.

Sean helped me unload the chair and bring in the house.  As soon as that chair was out of the box, the kids were in it and having a wonderful time!  Grammy Peric popped in for a little visit and joined us for supper.  I made creamy chicken soup for them and had a small bowl myself before I headed back into town to visit with the girls.  We had supper at Swiss Chalet and then headed over to Karen's for our little gift exchange.

Yay, for little gifts!

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Bernietothe9th said...

There is a museum of play in the states and the card board box is one of the exhibits