Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

What an amazing day!  The kids were up right at 7:30 just raring to go.  I had to grab my coffee before we all settled in the living room to open stockings and presents.  I will admit that the night before I had been peering under the tree hoping to spy a package the shape of snowshoes but, alas I did not.  And after finishing opening our gifts I looked up at Marko and said sadly, "So, I guess there weren't any snowshoes to be had eh?" And just at that moment Emma-Lyn came in carrying a very snowshoe shaped gift...YAY, SNOWSHOES!!

Sean, Nate and I were off to church for 9:30.  The others are still under the weather and stayed cozy and warm at home.  The boys and I returned shortly after 10:30 and it wasn't long until we were out the door again to head down to Montague Fellowship to help serve the Christmas dinner.  The boys did a great job.  Sean was a super big helper.  He did whatever needed being done and gave it his all and they both enjoyed meeting all the people and serving their dinners.  We stayed to help clean up and then headed home for a wee rest before heading out to Linda and Henk's for supper.  The wind had come up by then and the snow was blowing and there were some whiteout conditions along the way. We made it there and back safe and sound and enjoyed a marvelous time with family.

We decided to do a quick clean up once we got home and the kids got into their jammies and then we all settled in the living room to watch Elf.  And now the kids are asleep, there are no more jobs to do or places to be.  Tomorrow is a brand new day with no deadlines or schedules to keep. Time to just relax and enjoy my crazy little family.

 Christmas dinner.  Linda and Henk put on a wonderful spread.  Such a delight to spend Christmas with them and Grammie Peric.

The kids got 3-D activity books...Here is Levi modeling his pair of 3-D glasses.

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