Saturday, December 17, 2016

More Christmas Fun

Today the kids and I went to Charlottetown to run some errands.  It did not occur to me as we headed out that this was the last Saturday before Christmas, nor did I take into account the fact that it's been storming the past couple of days and people have been itching to get out again.  All this to say that the roads and stores in Charlottetown were an absolute madhouse!  So many people going everywhere!

The kids and I had to stop at one point for a little pep talk.  We had to remember to work together as a team and not worry about poking or annoying each other if we were going to make it through this excursion alive!  The kids did great and even when another shopper saw us and made comments such as: "Wow, you've got your hands full"and "Are they all yours?" and "Good luck with that," the children all quietly stood in line as we waited to purchase our items...I'm still not sure why having four kids entitles other people to comment on my state of affairs but such is life.

This evening we enjoyed going to our church's Christmas banquet.  It was a lovely evening and the food was scrumptious!

 The kids enjoyed the evening--even Levi who spent a good portion of it playing under our table.

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