Thursday, December 22, 2016

Time to Wrap

The kids finally seem to be asleep--they have been wired for sound all day!  Marko is in town to do a little shopping and catch the latest Star Wars flick.  So here I am by the tree with the wrapping paper and the quiet Christmas tunes playing as the snow softly drifts down onto the ground.  A perfect time to get some presents wrapped.

Funny moment with Levi today:  The boy was supposed to be down for a nap this afternoon but at one point he not only got up, but also came out of his room and downstairs.  He has never gotten out of bed before and even if he does wake up, he waits for me to come and get him.  I was not impressed and told him he wasn't to come out of his room without me coming to get him and he had to have a nap first.  He cried for a bit and then asked if he could go back upstairs.  I told him he could go and would you believe that the boy actually went back up and went to sleep?!!  I was astounded!  I thought he would just go up and play for a bit and wait for me to get him. Such a funny little guy.

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