Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fun in the Warm, Warm Sun!

It is simply a GORGEOUS day out there today!!  And we have spent most of it outside.  We brought out the BBQ, the deck furniture and the swings.  The kids are so thrilled and so am I!!

After hauling everything out we also brought out our school stuff and got to work out on the deck!  Today the kids enjoyed making "papyrus" for our studies on Ancient Egypt.
Our papyrus drying on the deck.

Once our studies were done it wasn't long before the water guns were found and these little scoundrels were off and running!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busy Fun Days

 For the past month the Peric Academy has enjoyed having two extra students every Monday and Tuesday.  Here are Emma and Gracie:

 And they are just such a delight!! All the children work and play very well together.  And I have to say, we are quite the sight to behold when we go out shopping.  I kinda fell like I'm driving the clown car as everyone piles out of the van!

This past Monday we had a little field trip to Roma.  The kids walked along the beach looking for shells and rocks and anything else that struck their fancy.  Nate found quite a few shells he liked.  And Sean and the others found some lovely rocks to skip and some rocks that just made a fantastic ker-plop sound as they hit the water.

 The water was quite calm.

This should make a good ker-plop sound!

One of Nate's special shells.

On Tuesday we had homeschool group and piano lessons and we even made our first trip out to Kings Castle!  The kids had a blast! It was great to be out and enjoying activities that we associate with summer once again!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Boom Boom Aint it Great To Be Crazy?!

Some of our crazy Awana leaders got together tonight to work out pricing for our big Awana store tomorrow night. Jackie and Kara had picked up all the toys this morning and this evening we went through and decided how much things should cost.  And while we were in the midst of this we broke open this bag of funny glasses.  It was too good an opportunity to be missed so we grabbed some other props and took a few classy photos:

 Yep, our husbands gotta be mighty proud of this crew!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Our Journey to Resurrection Sunday

Today during Sunday School, my class and I completed our journey to Resurrection Sunday.

For each Sunday leading up to today I created a scene for the children to experience and they would create a craft and put then put their finished project in their special Easter bags.

We began with the triumphal entry:
 A road into Jerusalem lined with flowers and the children made palm branches to wave as the donkey carrying Jesus passed by. 

I have the New Testament on audio and while the children enjoyed the scene I would play the particular scripture on the cd player.  It wasn't just people saying the verses, it was actor's expressing what happened using the scripture as well as providing background sounds that would make sense for each scene.

The next Sunday we looked at the Lord's Supper:

The following Sunday I created two separate scenes for the children.  First, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The ceramic praying hands were to signify Jesus and the clubs and swords were the angry mob that came to arrest him.
 In the classroom the children and I huddled around the fire with Peter as we listened to Jesus' trial before the high priests.

The next Sunday we experienced  two more scences.  First, we listened to when Jesus went before Pontius Pilate and was sent to be crucified.

 A simple crown of thorns and a robe of purple.

This was followed by Christ's crucifixion on the cross.

And we slowly and quietly walked to the tomb in the garden.

And today we celebrated Jesus' triumphant resurrection! He is Risen!  Hallelujah!

 And these are the crafts the children worked on for each segment of our journey.

I absolutely LOVED creating these scenes for my class and I hope they enjoyed and learned lots and are able to share the love that Christ has for each one of us.

Today was also the last day of our visit with the Hopes.  We had an absolutely wonderful visit!  They came to church this morning and stayed for the lunch afterwards before heading home.  They are back home in Nova Scotia safe and sound.  We're already looking forward to our next visit in May.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter!

We have been enjoying a beautiful long weekend thus far.  Yesterday we got the ball rolling by walking to the Church of Christ to savour the delicious breakfast they put on.  There were pancakes, sausages, bacon, potatoes, toast, cereals, juice and tea and coffee.  The kids very much enjoyed the luxury of trying out some sugar high cereals like Froot Loops and Corn Pops.  At home we normally just eat the boring cereals so this was quite a treat for them.

After breakfast we headed home to finish up some household chores before the Hopes came to visit.  We did laundry, cleaned out the fridge and got ourselves ready to head out the door to our church's Easter Conference.

There was a great crowd out for the conference and it was great to chat with friends and hear the speaker share his message with us.  We ducked out after the second meeting to go find the Hopes relaxing in their rental cottage.  The kids were super happy to see Gramma and Grampa and Auntie Karina and Trooper. 

Levi was very happy to meet this chair:
 Little goof!

We all headed back to our place to figure out which burger love burgers we should try out.  Gramma and Karina settled on the Ricky Bobby from the Mainstreet Pub, while Grampa, Marko and I tried out the Hillbilly Deluxe from the Tailgate.  Both burgers were yummy but I'd say the Ricky Bobby was more flavourful--the pesto was amazing!

 The crazy blurry crowd at the table.  The kids enjoyed some Mickey Dee's.

We have had such a delightful visit with my folks with lots of talking and laughing and gallivanting about the countryside.  Today we drove down to the Launching Warf. It was gorgeous if a wee bit windy.  The kids enjoyed hurling rocks into the water and climbing on the big rocks.

Emma-Lyn loved the big rocks!
After our little drive we ended up in Georgetown to try out the burger at Clam Diggers.  Marko and Grampa were the only takers for this one and they enjoyed it immensely.

After lunch we all had different errands to run and made plans to catch up later.  Levi had his nap while we tidied up the house and got prepared for our big turkey dinner.  Everything was going great until I took out the bird and it was still quite frozen!!  Time for plan B.  We opted to go to the Superstore and pick up a couple of their BBQ chickens, a couple salads and some potato wedges.  Not quite the supper I had envisioned but it was much enjoyed by everyone nonetheless. 

Our festive table:
 Before supper the kids enjoyed going on their Easter egg hunt.  The adults all agreed that it was just as much fun watching the kids find the eggs as it must have been for the kids to find them.

After supper we headed over to the park to let the kids run off some much pent up energy.  The kids loved running and climbing the monkey bars.  Levi decided he should hold my hand and take me up the steps to the slide.  He was so cute! It wasn't too long before we were all ready to head home for dessert.

For dessert Auntie Karina had made a delicious carrot cake and we had ice cream to go with it.  The kids filled their boots and then it was time to head to bed.  Once the kids were down, the adults sat down to play a couple of rounds of Timeline. It is such a fun game, however we were all feeling pretty tired and decided to pack it in and call it a day. 

Tomorrow the Hopes will join us at church before heading back home.  So glad to have had such a lovely weekend with them!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

An Egg-stremely Fun Day

 Today our little homeschool group enjoyed some egg decorating activities as well as some poetry and tea time.

It was a wonderful time.  The kids got to decorate two eggs each.  One of the eggs they used different coloured egg shell pieces to glues on to their egg as a mosaic. On the other they used a coffee filter and used drops of food colouring on it and then wrapped it around the egg, creating a tie-dye effect.

After their eggs were finished it was time to spend some energy outside while we tidied up and set up for the tea party.  The kids enjoyed their treats and sharing their favourite poems.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Burger Love, Puppies and a Grand Prix

 This afternoon I got to enjoy a couple of tasty burger loves with this lovely lady!  Michelle and I always have a lot of fun when we get together so I was very excited to hear she would be in my neck of the woods today.

We tried the Sweet Heat from Clam Diggers and the Ricky Bobby from the Main Street Pub.  The Sweet Heat was quite spicy! This burger boasts 6 oz Island Beef Patty, thick-cut Bacon, in-house Coleslaw, Banana Peppers, house-made Sweet Mustard, Aged Cheddar, Tomatoes, Boston Bib Lettuce, Chipotle Mayo on a toasted Buttered Sesame Bun topped with a Bacon Round.  Our burger was missing the bacon round but overall a pretty good burger.

The Ricky Bobby was made up of 5 oz Island Beef Patty, Mozzarella, Pesto, Blend Cheese, Pepperoni Slices, Bruschetta Mix, Tomato Oregano Sauce on a toasted Potato Scallion Bun topped with a Bacon-Wrapped Onion Ring.  It was tasty little burger.

Michelle also let us meet a few of her puppies.  They are little schnoodles--half schnauzer and half poodle.  They are so adorable.  We fell in love with little Miss Chocolate Rose:

 Isn't she sweet?!  Sadly we're just not in the market for a puppy right now.

This evening the kids had a blast at their Awana Grand Prix event.  They enjoyed decorating their cars and then racing them down the big race track tonight.

A fun night was had by all!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Break Out Room

Yesterday our local library held a break out room event for our homeschool group.  The kids were pretty excited.  A break out room or escape room is when a room has been filled with clues and other interesting decor as well as locks and riddles to figure out in order to "Break Out" of the room.  Our group got the job done and were mighty pleased with their experience.
 The happy group.

A more humourous and embarrassing moment came later in the evening at step dance lessons.  We were in the middle of Sean's lesson and I was trying to chat with my friend Janet when Levi caught me eye.  I could tell by the look of his impish grin that he was up to something.  I kept watching and trying to figure out what the lad was going to pull--and then he had his pants down around his ankles!  I was up like a shot and attempting to get the pants back up around his waist.  He was not interested...He was flailing his legs and laughing wildly while I tried to get his pants back into position.  I finally had them up and he scooted just out of arms reach and then the pants went down again! I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head and crawl over to him to get his pants back up.  Thankfully this time they stayed up but talk about embarrassing!

Homeschooling has been pretty great lately!  The kids and I keep tweaking our schedule and figuring out what works best.  Sean has come up with some fun story ideas and made his own Khan Academy notebook where he writes down what subjects he'd like to learn and any information he finds interesting.  The other two have surprised me.  I brought back one of our older methods of copywork and this time they took to it like ducks to water instead of fighting me on it like they did in the past.   They also spent some quality time teaching their stuffies their 3 times table.  We have a song we sing and I could hear them singing it repeatedly in their "school room" a.k.a Emma-Lyn's room.

Levi did not want to be left out so he grabbed a few of his stuffies and brought them to the kitchen to instruct them in geography.

Pretty cute!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday School and Summerside

 I love working with my Sunday school class.  Right now we're working on a little project called, The Journey to Resurrection Sunday. We've already worked on the Triumphal Entry, the Lord's Supper and today we did the Garden of Gethsemane and the Trial.

 For each session I'll read our Bible verses pertaining to the event and then the children do a craft.  I follow this up with a little vignette/scene for them to see of the event.  While they look in on the scene I'll reread the segment from the Bible.  I think the children are enjoying it and today I got to share today's lesson with children from all of our Sunday School classes.  This may sound like a lot, but there were just six students varying in ages from 4 to 12.  I was thrilled with how well they all listened and participated.
 This was our scene of the Garden of Gethsemane.  You can see Jesus' praying hands and the swords and clubs of the multitude that came for him.  I then lead the class to the courtyard and council's judgement:
 We huddled around the fire like Peter and heard of his denial and result of Jesus' trial.

This afternoon after a quick lunch we were on our way to Summerside for a wake and we thought it might be nice to try one of the burgers from the west end of the Island.  We tried to connect with friends but to no avail and we almost didn't manage to grab a burger.  We did have to make our way to Kensington to try out the Beauty and the Beef burger from the Family and Friends restaurant.

 This burger has a 6 oz Island Beef Patty with Pepsi-Glaze, Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese & Caramelized Onion Spread, Arugula, Dill Pickle Slices, Apple Matchsticks, Havarti, house-made Bacon Jam, Roasted Red Peppers on a toasted Garlic Buttered Brioche Bun topped with Apple Petal & Cherry Tomato with Pickle Leaf.

It was sooo YUMMMY!!  Marko and I shared it but we had both thought afterwards we would have enjoyed an entire burger for ourselves as the flavours were so delicious! And the restaurant itself was lovely!  I wish we lived closer so we could try the burger again!!

 So much yumminess!

 And Marko and I shared the fries too!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Burger Love is BACK!

Woo Hoo!!  While the rest of the world will be ushering in the beautiful month of April, we on the Island are already celebrating the month we affectionately know as Burger Love!

And to kick things off my bestie Denise came over to partake of some beefy deliciousness with me!!  We totally enjoyed our La Fiestas from the Lady Slipper Cafe!  They were tasty if a whole lot messy as well.  Definitely a great start to the month!

Looking forward to more hangouts with friends and burgers and lots of laughs.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Introducing The Newest Member of Our Extended Family:

This is Mr. Daniel Jakob Geurms and he is the cutest little nephew an auntie and uncle could have!!  He was born six weeks early but he is doing amazing!  So proud and excited for this little guy and my sister and brother in law!!!  He was born Monday, March 13th.  Marko and I got to see him that evening and it was so delightful to meet this sweet little blessing.  I cannot wait to get to know him more and spoil him like a good auntie should.

 Such uber cuteness!

They are a beautiful family if somewhat difficult to get everyone looking the same way and even just to get some people to open their eyes!

 Oooo, the little booties!
 Such a sweet baby boy!

 Proud parents!!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Curling Jamboree

Today the boys enjoyed their last curling event.  It was a day long jamboree where they got to curl  and play some Just Dance as well as enjoy pizza and cake.  The kids all had a great time and for me it was nice to just chat with the other parents.

Their team came in second place.  They were quite pleased!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Games, Painting, Books and Beethoven

This morning we read our devotions and we read from our new read aloud, The Secret Benedict Society and The Prisoner's Dilemma.  I'm pretty sure that we've already read this book but the kids are adamant that we haven't and it's one of their favourite series so we're enjoying reading it again for the first time.  We also read a science book about forces before breaking out our new game called Flash Point.  The kids really enjoyed it and are looking forward to playing it again soon.  I do realize now that we made a few mistakes while we played but I think the kids will still have fun with it.

 Such a neat game!  The boys also played a couple rounds of timelines as well.

After the game Emma-Lyn and Nate set to work painting a couple of masterpieces as seen below:

In the afternoon after quiet time we all headed outside for some outdoor fun.  Sean and I played a bit of frisbee and then we all decided to play some four square on the driveway.  All the while Levi amused himself with his toy car and the wagon.  I went back in the house to start supper and soon the kids were back in the house.  Nate played a little Minecraft before we all settled in the living room to watch a documentary about Beethoven.

This evening the older kids and I went to stepdance while Levi stayed home with daddy and got to go to bed early...We came home to this sweet scene:

His one arm is stuck between pages of his book and I had to gently extricate to avoid him waking himself up later on.  Such a sweet little sleepy head.

March Break

March break has hit the Island and the public schools are quiet while students and staff take some time off.  While we don't do March Break I have decided to take this week and just change it up a bit.  Things are more relaxed.  Instead of jumping into our regular basket time and then tackling subjects, we will be doing art, puzzles, more read alouds, reading science books together and watching documentaries.  And if the kids come up with some other things they'd like to explore then we'll see what we can do about that.

Today we got started with a puzzle that Sean picked up over the weekend. I had plenty of helpers at first but soon it was just me and Iginla piecing it together on the ice.  Sean did come back near the end and the two of us got mighty frustrated with the yellow on the boards.  The puzzle isn't the highest quality and was difficult to place correctly.
 Finished puzzle!! 

 Sean also decided to get some painting done. Sean and I worked on it together as he was getting frustrated trying to think of what to do next and not wanting to mess it up.

Levi was DESPERATE to paint so I got him set up and let him paint in one of my sketch pads.  HE LOVED IT!  As the other kids walked by he would exclain, "Hey look guys, I'm doing good!!" 

Tomorrow there will be more painting and hopefully we'll play our new game Flash Point and a round or two of Timelines!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

When I was supposed to be cleaning the house I ended up engrossed in building this:

Sean had made the shamrock/cross and then I felt we should print the greeting and then Sean added the pot of gold...the house is still happily waiting for me to come clean it...

The End of the Curling Season

Yesterday afternoon the kids enjoyed the end of the year celebrations with the rest of the Junior Curlers.  Since the ice was having issues they played some curling themed games instead.  Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose they played Whoa, Whoa, Hurry Hard. There were cupcakes and other treats to eat and they received their awards.  Nate and Emma-Lyn both got a medal for being first year juniors and Sean accomplished his Red Level Skills Certificate. 
 Yummy cupcakes.  Levi was very pleased when he was offered one as well.

My happy goofy curlers.