Saturday, January 14, 2017

Curling Tournament

We were all down at the curling rink for 9:30 and a 10 o'clock start.  The kids were pretty excited and ready to go.  All of the players got a toque from the sponsor of the tournament which happened to be George's Deck and Recovery. The kids played three games but only four ends each.  There were some really great games out there today.  I have to say that the last game was the most nail biting and fun to watch and it didn't even include my kids!  It was the second to last rock and it landed on the button..the next team also landed on the button and so now they're sharing...back to the first and they throw wide..the second team with their last rock landed right on the button!!  There was much cheering and applauding! Such a great game!

The awards:

 Emma-Lyn throwing her rock.  This is her first year and she did really well and managed to win a point for her team.

This is also Nate's first year and he enjoyed himself immensely.

And Sean and his first win after three years of curling.  He loves this sport and is looking forward to going to Provincials in March!

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