Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Emma-Lyn's New Room!!

 It's been a little over a week and her room is DONE!!  She is so happy and just loves her new room.

Here are the photos of the transformation...  Okay so these first two are from when the room was Nate's when we first moved in.  I forgot to take a couple shots before I got started on taking down the wallpaper.  At least you get an idea of the kind of wallpaper that was up in her room.

Lots of flowers:

Then the paper came down and revealed a lot of ugly walls.

Time for some touch ups before applying the paint:

 Time to PAINT!!  Emma-Lyn chose the colour Siesta...It's basically a lavender colour and so sweet!

 It's looking better already!!

The Final Touches:

And the Big Reveal:

 And a big hug of thanks to the beautiful lady who made it all possible:  Thank you, June for all your hard work!


Melinda Johnson said...

aww, so sweet! love the color!

Penny Carew said...

What a lot of work! But it was worth it. Beautiful looking room!