Saturday, January 28, 2017

Good Times Keep On Rolling...

I enjoyed a lovely evening out with my friends Shirley and Edith.  I picked up Edith and we stopped in at Sobeys to pick up a birthday cake for Shirley.  Then off we went to town to play games with Shirley. 

We talked, we laughed, played a couple games and enjoyed cake and more junk food.  Can't wait to get together again with them for more fun!

Here is Shirley and her cake:

 And here we are just getting into our game of Tsuro.

This morning the children surprised us by making breakfast.  They made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  Emma-Lyn also made her very own banana chocolate loaf. I was impressed!  And they even cleaned up afterwards! 

And before you think that this was  an idyllic scene out of  Disney movie, I just have to say that my kids are still kids and they made a lot of mess and noise and they bickered while they did this.  At one point Levi even stole the surprise by coming up to tell us that they were making pancakes.

 Waiting for pancakes.

Clean up time.  So thankful for my kiddos!

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