Friday, January 20, 2017

It'sThe Weekend!

We had a great day!  We had a lovely morning hanging out with the Bueckerts.  The kids played Lego, had some snack and then headed outdoors for some snow fun. Afterwards they came in to watch a show and have pizza for lunch.

In the afternoon Claire and Holly came for piano lessons.  I love piano lessons day because it means I get to hangout with Claire and chat while the kids play before she heads in to teach.  This time we even had a bit of chocolate to go with our regular cup of coffee! Yum!  While Claire taught I headed up to Emma-Lyn's room and began the task of sanding down the walls...Oh the dust! I was covered in it..yuck.  But the walls are looking better.  Paint is going up tomorrow!

 Gabe made a snow seat.

 I think he's pretty pleased!

 This is James working on his snow toilet...cause every backyard needs one...

Jane enjoyed sliding into the heap of snow she piled up at the bottom of the slide.

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