Monday, January 02, 2017

Last Day of Vacation

Marko and I slept in big time this morning which was lovely.  The kids and I went into Charlottetown around noon to help out at the Mount Community Care Centre.  Afterwards we stopped at Tims for a treat and then headed home.

In the afternoon while Levi napped, the rest of us played a round of Buzz on the PS2.  Later on we decided we'd go out and hit the beach!  We opted for Poverty beach as a substitute to our regular Panmure beach location.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.  The kids loved sliding along the ice in the big puddles along the sand and we enjoyed the sunset over the water.  On our way home we ordered a Famous Peppers pizza for supper. We topped off our day by playing  a few rounds of Singstar. While it would be nice to say that everything went smoothly, I would have to say that the day was punctuated with bickering and squabbling amidst moments of brilliance.

Tomorrow Marko goes back to work and Levi and I jump back into some hard core potty training while the others have some reading to do to slowly bring us back into the swing of things.

 Poverty Beach.

 The kids LOVED sliding on the ice.

Such a gorgeous sunset.

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