Sunday, January 08, 2017

Second Christmas

This past weekend has been such a blessing for us.  We feel as though we've gotten a second Christmas.  Both Marko and I and most of the kids were dealing with colds over Christmas and so the actual day was a little more subdued then normal.  Less real family time and more just napping and blowing your nose time. But this weekend we've been able to enjoy some real family time.

This morning after breakfast we all went out to shovel the snow.  Levi was quite the trooper and did a great job helping me shovel off the deck.  We had about 40 cms down and thankfully it was powder and not too hard to move around.  The kids soon grabbed their sleds and enjoyed bombing around the yard.  We were also very happy to see our friend Rob in his orange Kubota pull up to plow us out. 

Here are the kids and our neighbour just hanging out in the snow.

 For snack we had these which also gave the day a Christmas feel:
Yummy gumdrops!  My folks have a lovely video of a bygone Christmas where my sister and I are happily admiring our full gumdrop tree...Well, Karina was admiring it, but I was most certainly sampling it's delicious yummy gummy wares!  Had to have been dad who recorded it...I can't imagine mom letting me stuff my gob with that many gumdrops!!

During quiet time I started working on this:
Yes, another pyramid.  But this time it is solid all the way through.  By the end of it everyone was working on it.  I don't know why but I find this ever so satisfying!

After quiet time the kids watched some Little Bear while Marko and I tried out our new snowshoes!!  It was so much fun, we are very happy to have another reason to enjoy the snow!

 Look dad, Marko is actually smiling!!


After our little excursion Marko and I decided to drive out to the church to see if the parking lot had been plowed. We stopped at Tims for a cafe mocha and a donut and then headed out on our little drive.  The roads were pretty good but the church lot hadn't been plowed so that meant no church service tonight.

While we were out we figured out our dinner plan and we thought it would be fun to do breakfast for supper, complete with bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes.  
 So yummy!

 Sean made this little sign!

 I ask for a nice picture and this is what they give me...sigh...goofballs!

For dessert we broke out our little fondue pot and enjoyed some yummy melted chocolate.  It didn't take us long to go through that.
After supper and chore time we settled in the living room to watch Aladdin. A very cozy way to end our special day.

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