Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Talking To Gramma Hope

Gramma Hope called this evening to chat with Emma-Lyn about her new room but Levi did not want to be left out and soon had the phone in hand as seen here:

We had a good homeschool day and the kids had their piano lessons today instead of on Friday.   We're hoping to go on a sleigh ride on Friday but we've lost a lot of our snow from all the rain we've gotten recently.

This evening the kids and I went to BuyRite and picked up a few things.  Nate bought some batteries for his Battle Bots and we all had a grand time taking turns battling our Bots in the kitchen.  Nate also picked up a couple of long glow sticks which turned bed time into a bit of a fun light show in mommy and daddy's room.  What a riot!

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