Thursday, February 23, 2017

Celebrate Good Times!!

 Today we celebrated finishing our study of Canadian History.  This was our "textbook"
 We would read one section each session and the kids would draw a picture to illustrate what they learned about.  Then they would tell me about their picture and I would write what they said on their page.  Here they are pointing out their favourite illustrations:

 For our big day I decorated and set up a little display area of some of our books about Canada:

Our decorations:

And gotta have some themed snack to go along with the day:

 Then it was time for some fun activities:
 Their first event was a scavenger hunt.  They found the birds and flowers of each province as well as the provincial flag.  Once they had recovered everything they had to put the birds and flowers with their corresponding flag.

Next, they needed to put together our timeline.  In turns I would give each of them a picture and they would have to decide where that picture fit on the timeline.
 They really enjoyed this.

Afterwards, we headed for the living room to work on a map of Canada puzzle:

For lunch we indulged in some chocolate chip pancakes complete with Canadian maple syrup! Yum!
And yes that is a maple leaf cake on the table as well.  We're saving that for later.

And a parting shot of our complete timeline:

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Bernietothe9th said...

I would have struggled with the provincial flower,bird,flag station. Tremendous that you are teaching that.