Sunday, February 12, 2017

Early Valentines Fun

Awww, my poor hubby!  How he puts up with me I'll never know...This shot was taken after I chased him into the kitchen singing some silly song I made up and then forcing him to dance with me..

Sine we are awaiting what some are calling "the most severe weather system this year" we decided to do Valentine's day early.  Marko made a couple quick phone calls and by quarter to four we were out the door and headed in town for some fun couple time.  We went to Indigo where I picked up a crochet book.  This should keep the kids and me going for awhile!

Then we were off to the Brickhouse for supper.  We enjoyed their winning burger, called the Brickinator from last year's Burger Love.  It was delicious and the sweet potato fries were yummy too.

 Marko and his half of the burger.

 It was sooo yummy!

We followed that up with a visit to the Small Print Board Game Cafe.  We played four different games together. Two new games to us that we played were Exploding Kittens and Hey, That's My Fish!  Both were fun and quick games to play.  I think the kids would really enjoy those games as well.
 This was one of my hands of Exploding Kittens...Especially loved the Rainbow Ralphing Cat!!

We made a quick stop into the Sobeys where we picked up some storm necessities.  Other people pick up storm chips...I pick up storm hagleslag!!

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