Saturday, February 04, 2017

From Loft Bed to Bunk Beds

The boys are very happy to have their new to them bunk beds!  The loft bed was okay but it was bulky and made the room feel small and dark.  I was ever so happy yesterday to find the bunk beds on a used furniture facebook page.  I emailed the seller yesterday and made the deal to pick them up on Saturday. This meant that I needed to do something with the loft bed.  I took some pictures and then posted it on the same facebook page in the hopes that I could sell it fast and hopefully deliver it at the same time as we would pick up our bunk beds.

That afternoon I got to work disassembling the loft bed, I didn't get too far before I had myself in a bit of a pickle.  I had removed the board that pretty much held everything in place for the top bunk and I was stuck holding the top bunk and not able to do much of anything else.  I desperately needed help! Luckily for me Claire and Holly arrived for piano lessons.  I called out to Claire to see if she would be able to help and she quickly jumped in and helped me get the thing in pieces properly.  And not only that, she bought the bed! I was ever so thankful!  We got everything downstairs and then when her husband came with the truck we loaded it on and off they went.

Today Marko took Sean to picked up the bunk beds and ran a few errands in town.  Once they got back we quickly got to the task of assembling them.  It took a bit of grunt work and a trip or two to Kent for a couple pieces, but we got it done!

And in other news I dyed my hair this evening.  I was going to post a before and after shot but the lighting isn't great and you miss the fun vibrancy of the colour.  So, I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow for that post!

 The loft bed. It served us well.

 Such a better match for the room!

Very happy boy...Although it may take him some time to remember that there's not as much space down there.  He bonked his head on it tonight at bedtime.

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