Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

 We are all snowed in for another day.  In fact it is still snowing and we're gearing up for another storm to hit us on Thursday!  Fun times!

This morning the kids were greeted by this little display:

 They were tickled pink with their cards and chocolates.

For school time we did our regular circle time and then followed that up with a new math game:

 It's called Close to a Hundred and you roll two dice and multiply the numbers and put your array on your hundred chart and write the multiplication sentence at the bottom.  My kids LOVED this game!  Funny how simple games can make learning so much easier. The person that gets closest to a hundred wins.  Emma-Lyn was our winner this morning.  Very thankful for my friend Denise, who showed me this game!

After our little game we popped some popcorn and headed for the living room to watch an episode of Planet Earth.  Then it was time to try and tackle the snow that accumulated in our driveway. So much snow!!

We did manage to get a path shoveled around the van but had to break for lunch before getting any further.  Sean prepared lunch for us.  He made lemonade and the sandwich of our choice.  I'm very thankful for his willingness to serve.

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