Saturday, February 18, 2017

Secret Sisters

This evening Emma-Lyn and I went to our church's Secret Sister Get Together.  It's a fun evening with a wonderful bunch of ladies.  This is the time where we find out who was our secret sister for the year as well as pick new ones for the new year. It's always a bit of fun to try and figure out who it was but I'm never very good at figuring out who was mine. 

We also have a fun Yankee swap--This year I made it extra awkward by offering the last secret number to one of the ladies and when she hesitated I threw the number I had grabbed but not looked at, back in the bowl.  Then I realized she was okay with taking the last number so I threw my hand back in there to take my original number back...And it would seem I managed to grab the best number for myself... Soooo awkward...Pretty sure my motto should be: I Came, I Saw, I Made it Awkward...

Still, it was a super fun night and I love my church family so much!

 The last gift from my secret sister!  So much hot chocolate!! YUM!

 Emma-Lyn's stash from the Yankee swap.

And I got this lovely bake ware from the Yankee swap.

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