Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sleigh Ride

Yesterday we went for a sleigh ride in Bonshaw with some other homeschool families.  It was a picture perfect day for it too!  The kids had a blast and afterwards there was hot chocolate and some time to go sledding.

It was a bit of a hike for us to go out there so we were thrilled to be invited to our friends' house for tea afterwards.  We were going for a cup of tea and some conversation...Then we had some popcorn and then some tasty blueberry loaf and well once you've stayed that long it was time to hang out for supper too.  The kids and I loved hanging out and I'm pretty sure my kids thought it was great to go over for tea but then get to stay for supper too!

It was well past bedtime by the time we got home and Levi was a bit of a hot mess by then but thankfully after about five minutes of fussing he was off to dreamland.  Such a wonderful day!!

 Levi was ever so pumped to be going on a sleigh ride.

 The gorgeous Argyle shore.

 Beautiful Belgians.  This is Prince and Duke--they were fantastic!

 Such a gorgeous day!

And time for some wipe outs and good times on the sledding hill.

Pulling master Levi back up the hill.

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