Monday, March 06, 2017

Family Hymn Sing...The Dream--The Reality

Yesterday our church services were cancelled due to the inclement weather. So I thought it would be lovely, if in the evening after supper we sat in the living room to sing some favourite hymns.

In my dream were friends who lived near by popping in and all of us just basking in the glow of a family worship time together.  We would laugh, sing, pray and share life together. It would be sweet, inspiring and a definite memory keeper...

The reality:  I had the onset of a cold so scrap the friends popping in--don't need to share a cold with them.  Once we finally had everyone in the living room and ready to sing, Levi--The Pantsless Wonder-- began to cry and then howl as we sang together.  He. did. not. stop.  And yet we continued in our endeavor. And then one of the children had a full on melt down and we had to stop and regroup/rethink/retry.  We did manage to get things sorted and we all belted out our last two songs.

 Sean tickling the ivories for us.

And the cuteness factor.

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