Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Games, Painting, Books and Beethoven

This morning we read our devotions and we read from our new read aloud, The Secret Benedict Society and The Prisoner's Dilemma.  I'm pretty sure that we've already read this book but the kids are adamant that we haven't and it's one of their favourite series so we're enjoying reading it again for the first time.  We also read a science book about forces before breaking out our new game called Flash Point.  The kids really enjoyed it and are looking forward to playing it again soon.  I do realize now that we made a few mistakes while we played but I think the kids will still have fun with it.

 Such a neat game!  The boys also played a couple rounds of timelines as well.

After the game Emma-Lyn and Nate set to work painting a couple of masterpieces as seen below:

In the afternoon after quiet time we all headed outside for some outdoor fun.  Sean and I played a bit of frisbee and then we all decided to play some four square on the driveway.  All the while Levi amused himself with his toy car and the wagon.  I went back in the house to start supper and soon the kids were back in the house.  Nate played a little Minecraft before we all settled in the living room to watch a documentary about Beethoven.

This evening the older kids and I went to stepdance while Levi stayed home with daddy and got to go to bed early...We came home to this sweet scene:

His one arm is stuck between pages of his book and I had to gently extricate to avoid him waking himself up later on.  Such a sweet little sleepy head.

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