Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Break

March break has hit the Island and the public schools are quiet while students and staff take some time off.  While we don't do March Break I have decided to take this week and just change it up a bit.  Things are more relaxed.  Instead of jumping into our regular basket time and then tackling subjects, we will be doing art, puzzles, more read alouds, reading science books together and watching documentaries.  And if the kids come up with some other things they'd like to explore then we'll see what we can do about that.

Today we got started with a puzzle that Sean picked up over the weekend. I had plenty of helpers at first but soon it was just me and Iginla piecing it together on the ice.  Sean did come back near the end and the two of us got mighty frustrated with the yellow on the boards.  The puzzle isn't the highest quality and was difficult to place correctly.
 Finished puzzle!! 

 Sean also decided to get some painting done. Sean and I worked on it together as he was getting frustrated trying to think of what to do next and not wanting to mess it up.

Levi was DESPERATE to paint so I got him set up and let him paint in one of my sketch pads.  HE LOVED IT!  As the other kids walked by he would exclain, "Hey look guys, I'm doing good!!" 

Tomorrow there will be more painting and hopefully we'll play our new game Flash Point and a round or two of Timelines!

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