Saturday, March 04, 2017

Provincials and Play Dates

Sean is ever so pumped to be officially going to the curling provincials this year!! He went last year as a sub but this year he is actually part of a team.  And a pretty darn good one at that! He was over the moon happy when his team as well as the other Montague teams got their own hoodies to wear for the provincials:
 He is such a keener for curling!

 The provincials are taking place in Summerside this year so he will be traveling with his team and staying overnight in a hotel room.  Some pretty fun stuff for an eleven year old boy!

On Thursday the kids and I enjoyed a delightful playdate with the Bueckerts.  These pictures were taken during snack time:

They are all in Awana and just started sharing verses and reciting verses together.  It was ever so sweet to listen to them.

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