Saturday, March 11, 2017

Team Shaw

The boys played their hearts out and had a great time on and off the ice.  They played some pretty tough, heartbreaking draws. Every time they were out on the ice they gave it their all.  I was so very happy and proud to take in their eleven o'clock game this morning.  They made some great shots but still couldn't find the win. That said, as they came off the ice they were still of good cheer.  As a parent it was wonderful to watch the teams play and listen to other parents applaud not only their own child's achievements but also the other team's abilities as well. Their final game was at six this evening and they won, 12-0.  Great way to finish their weekend.

This is Team Shaw from left to right we have: Sam Shaw-- Skip, Nate Shaw-- Mate, Sean --Second and Brody Quinn -- Lead and their coach Owen Collins.  Not only are these boys skilled curlers but they are also a wonderful group of boys who get along very well and enjoy their game to the max!  I am so proud of all of them and the parents that stand behind them rooting them on!

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