Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Where Is Spring?!

It certainly does not feel like spring is just around the corner what with the high winds and snow and freezing rain going on!  Someday we'll get to actually enjoy green grass again and not just big puddles of red mud everywhere.

Yesterday the kids and I enjoyed some poetry and teatime at Nate's request.  We couldn't find any of our regular books of poems so we cracked open some new selections and were delighted with our finds.  I think we may have a few more favourites.

Today we finished reading aloud Caddie Woodlawn--we really enjoyed this book.  It has a similar feel to the Little House on the Prairie books. **Spoiler Alert** I was so hoping that their dog, Nero would come back and as I got to the pages and paragraphs describing his long trek home it was hard to hold back the tears! Such a great read.  Now to figure out what our next read aloud will be.

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