Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Break Out Room

Yesterday our local library held a break out room event for our homeschool group.  The kids were pretty excited.  A break out room or escape room is when a room has been filled with clues and other interesting decor as well as locks and riddles to figure out in order to "Break Out" of the room.  Our group got the job done and were mighty pleased with their experience.
 The happy group.

A more humourous and embarrassing moment came later in the evening at step dance lessons.  We were in the middle of Sean's lesson and I was trying to chat with my friend Janet when Levi caught me eye.  I could tell by the look of his impish grin that he was up to something.  I kept watching and trying to figure out what the lad was going to pull--and then he had his pants down around his ankles!  I was up like a shot and attempting to get the pants back up around his waist.  He was not interested...He was flailing his legs and laughing wildly while I tried to get his pants back into position.  I finally had them up and he scooted just out of arms reach and then the pants went down again! I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head and crawl over to him to get his pants back up.  Thankfully this time they stayed up but talk about embarrassing!

Homeschooling has been pretty great lately!  The kids and I keep tweaking our schedule and figuring out what works best.  Sean has come up with some fun story ideas and made his own Khan Academy notebook where he writes down what subjects he'd like to learn and any information he finds interesting.  The other two have surprised me.  I brought back one of our older methods of copywork and this time they took to it like ducks to water instead of fighting me on it like they did in the past.   They also spent some quality time teaching their stuffies their 3 times table.  We have a song we sing and I could hear them singing it repeatedly in their "school room" a.k.a Emma-Lyn's room.

Levi did not want to be left out so he grabbed a few of his stuffies and brought them to the kitchen to instruct them in geography.

Pretty cute!

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