Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busy Fun Days

 For the past month the Peric Academy has enjoyed having two extra students every Monday and Tuesday.  Here are Emma and Gracie:

 And they are just such a delight!! All the children work and play very well together.  And I have to say, we are quite the sight to behold when we go out shopping.  I kinda fell like I'm driving the clown car as everyone piles out of the van!

This past Monday we had a little field trip to Roma.  The kids walked along the beach looking for shells and rocks and anything else that struck their fancy.  Nate found quite a few shells he liked.  And Sean and the others found some lovely rocks to skip and some rocks that just made a fantastic ker-plop sound as they hit the water.

 The water was quite calm.

This should make a good ker-plop sound!

One of Nate's special shells.

On Tuesday we had homeschool group and piano lessons and we even made our first trip out to Kings Castle!  The kids had a blast! It was great to be out and enjoying activities that we associate with summer once again!

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