Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter!

We have been enjoying a beautiful long weekend thus far.  Yesterday we got the ball rolling by walking to the Church of Christ to savour the delicious breakfast they put on.  There were pancakes, sausages, bacon, potatoes, toast, cereals, juice and tea and coffee.  The kids very much enjoyed the luxury of trying out some sugar high cereals like Froot Loops and Corn Pops.  At home we normally just eat the boring cereals so this was quite a treat for them.

After breakfast we headed home to finish up some household chores before the Hopes came to visit.  We did laundry, cleaned out the fridge and got ourselves ready to head out the door to our church's Easter Conference.

There was a great crowd out for the conference and it was great to chat with friends and hear the speaker share his message with us.  We ducked out after the second meeting to go find the Hopes relaxing in their rental cottage.  The kids were super happy to see Gramma and Grampa and Auntie Karina and Trooper. 

Levi was very happy to meet this chair:
 Little goof!

We all headed back to our place to figure out which burger love burgers we should try out.  Gramma and Karina settled on the Ricky Bobby from the Mainstreet Pub, while Grampa, Marko and I tried out the Hillbilly Deluxe from the Tailgate.  Both burgers were yummy but I'd say the Ricky Bobby was more flavourful--the pesto was amazing!

 The crazy blurry crowd at the table.  The kids enjoyed some Mickey Dee's.

We have had such a delightful visit with my folks with lots of talking and laughing and gallivanting about the countryside.  Today we drove down to the Launching Warf. It was gorgeous if a wee bit windy.  The kids enjoyed hurling rocks into the water and climbing on the big rocks.

Emma-Lyn loved the big rocks!
After our little drive we ended up in Georgetown to try out the burger at Clam Diggers.  Marko and Grampa were the only takers for this one and they enjoyed it immensely.

After lunch we all had different errands to run and made plans to catch up later.  Levi had his nap while we tidied up the house and got prepared for our big turkey dinner.  Everything was going great until I took out the bird and it was still quite frozen!!  Time for plan B.  We opted to go to the Superstore and pick up a couple of their BBQ chickens, a couple salads and some potato wedges.  Not quite the supper I had envisioned but it was much enjoyed by everyone nonetheless. 

Our festive table:
 Before supper the kids enjoyed going on their Easter egg hunt.  The adults all agreed that it was just as much fun watching the kids find the eggs as it must have been for the kids to find them.

After supper we headed over to the park to let the kids run off some much pent up energy.  The kids loved running and climbing the monkey bars.  Levi decided he should hold my hand and take me up the steps to the slide.  He was so cute! It wasn't too long before we were all ready to head home for dessert.

For dessert Auntie Karina had made a delicious carrot cake and we had ice cream to go with it.  The kids filled their boots and then it was time to head to bed.  Once the kids were down, the adults sat down to play a couple of rounds of Timeline. It is such a fun game, however we were all feeling pretty tired and decided to pack it in and call it a day. 

Tomorrow the Hopes will join us at church before heading back home.  So glad to have had such a lovely weekend with them!

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