Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day!!

 We have enjoyed a wonderful Mothers Day weekend!  We started it all off with our first run of the season to the mainland!  So thankful to have the ferry up and running once again!

My kids love the boat ride and cannot wait to get to Gramma and Grampa's!  It was a gorgeous day for sailing across the Northumberland Strait.  As we came barreling down Grampa's long driveway we honked our horn profusely as we usually do.  This normally has the effect of bringing all the Hopes out onto the deck to greet us.  Not so much this time. No one came out, no one greeted us but that did not deter us nor dampen our spirits.  We made our way through the entryway and into the kitchen and still, no Hopes?!  Finally, I walked into the living room and there are Gramma and Grampa just as relaxed as can be sitting in their chairs without a care in the world!

They were quickly out of their chairs and hugs and love and laughter were shared.  Trooper wasn't feeling too well so perhaps she didn't hear us coming and wasn't able to alert the others to our presence.  Nate was pretty happy to see his pal:
We sat and chatted awhile before having some lunch and playing a new game we just discovered.  We call it, Mind Your Health!  And all you need to play is a portable blood pressure monitor and willing participants!  Quite a captivating game.  Everyone had a chance to take their blood pressure and ask Nurse Gramma if that was normal.  Just look at this excited particpant:

After lunch we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Nate, Emma-Lyn and Levi enjoyed rolling down the hill and driving the play tractor while Sean and Marko worked on putting together Auntie Karina's new wagon.

Gramma Hope's tulips were also in bloom:

The boys hard at work:

Ya gotta love the fun of rolling down hills!
 This tractor sure is getting put through its paces!  Nate has played with this thing since he was three!

 Once the wagon was complete the older kids and Auntie Karina, Marko and I headed to New Glasgow to check out a yard sale.  The kids had a grand time finding trinkets and treasures to bestow on me on Mothers Day.  We came home and chatted some more before eating a tasty lasagna supper and heading out the door to catch the ferry.

Once back on P.E.I, I had a few more errands to run so the big kids watched a show while Marko, Levi and I went shopping.  Levi thought he should go out like this:
 This handband was one of the trinkets Emma-Lyn found at the yard sale.

Today we went to church and then came home for lunch.  Levi went down for a nap and while the older kids watched a show Marko and I went for a relaxing drive out in the country.

When we returned we got the kids geared up and off we went to town to go for a snack and a trail walk.  We grabbed a couple fraps at Starbucks and then hit the Beach Grove trails.  It was a bit brisk but still a lovely day to be outside and enjoying nature.

Love this girly!  My warrior princess!
 The kids still had lots of energy so we hit a local park and the kids had a blast climbing and running and jumping!

 Pretty thankful for this fella:

We stopped and had supper at Swiss Chalet which was lovely.  I had ribs! Yum!  With our bellies full of food and our bodies tired from all the fun we made our way back home.

This is another little treasure the kids gave to me:

And this is the craft the children in my Sunday school class made for their mothers.  The one on the left is Nate's and the other is Emma-Lyn's
I am so very grateful for my mom and all she has done for me and my family and I am thankful to be the mommy of my crazy fun kids!

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