Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Happy Victoria Day!

 It was a wonderfully warm and sunny day today!  A great day to do some yard work and garden prep as well as finally get the bikes out.  And in the midst of all that we even made a trip to my happy place: Panmure Beach!
 This is why I love living on Prince Edward Island--you're never very far from a beach!

While it was warm, the breeze was brisk and I couldn't imagine that the temperature of the water was all that great.  The fact that the water was downright chilly did not stop my kids from getting sopping wet.  Also, they got ridiculously sandy!  They had a blast!

 Would you look at those waves!

 Apparently they were wildly inviting:

I could stay here all day!
 Crazy kids!
 I had my girls with me today and Emma was fairly keen to get wet as well!

 Gracie got her feet wet but decided that was enough for her and got to work at mucking about in the sand:

Gotta love the dunes and clouds!

This evening after the girls left I headed in town for a long overdue visit with my friend Tammy a.k.a Sweetums!  We had dinner together and then headed over to the hospital to meet this handsome little fella:
This is Josiah and he is adorable!  My beautiful bestie Jennie and her husband Troy are going to be great parents! 

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