Thursday, May 18, 2017

Just Another Homeschool Day

 I just never know what the day will bring.  I might have my plans, but my kids come up with all kinds of spontaneous stuff to keep me on my toes.

Let's take today for instance, we had our extra student with us for the day which my kids were quite excited about.  I let them begin their day with play outside as the weather was absolutely amazing!!  They decided to make mud bricks in some of our cinder blocks.  Sean and Jake have plans to get a little landscaping business going.

After they had the bricks on the driveway to dry they came up to the deck to have snack and we had our circle time. During our read a loud we were interrupted by a couple of blue jays who were in the process of building their nest in one of our trees. We all stopped and watched as they broke off twigs and flew up farther into the tree to build their nest.

 The kids  had another break while I got the rest of our homeschool materials together in the kitchen.

They amused themselves by discovering the power of the magnifying glass:
 They did indeed get a little fire going and were quite pleased with the effect.  Nate had safety glasses just in case things got out of hand.  The hose was nearby and the little fire was put out quickly.  Then it was time to hit the books once again.

We had a hot dog lunch on the deck and then we went inside for some quiet time. The kids read books and played quietly while Levi went up for his nap.

 The kids really wanted to do a bonfire so we gathered up some sticks and got a little fire going in our fire pit.  I managed to deal with a good amount of our yard debris this way.  After all this fire and heat it was definitely time to bring out the sprinkler!! The kids had a blast!

We had another quick nature moment when I noticed a small spider catch a mosquito on our deck.  The kids all came over and we watched as it scampered under the deck with it's dinner.

So much of our day seems to come by the seat of our pants and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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