Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Snail Mail!

 While I love a good email, nothing beats getting something in the mail!  Today we got the treat of two fun pieces of snail mail:
 The CD on the left is our fabulous friends, the Skys.  Now we know what we'll be listening to in the van tomorrow!  And the card on the right is from my marvelous friend Melinda!  She lives in Indiana and she also sent along my old Moby wrap to give to my sister in law.  I loved reading her letter and the kids were equally delighted by the notes from her kids.  Levi in particular was thrilled to get his own piece of mail.  He hugged it to himself and kept saying, "It says to Levi, it says to Levi!"

This evening Marko and I had a little date time and headed over to Linda's place to drop off the Moby.  Luckily little Daniel woke up from his nap while we were there and uncle Marko got to hold his sweet little nephew.

 Sweet fellas.

 Loved the pink clouds as we headed home.

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