Thursday, May 25, 2017

That Awkward Moment When...

Let's start this post with today's most awkward moment. There were a few more awkward moments throughout the day but this was by far the best.

We were at the kitchen table working through our school stuff when we arrived at our studies in Ancient Egypt.

Today's session included jewelry, hairstyles and cosmetics.  The children drew pictures and we discussed and wrote down the details.  For the cosmetic section the book displayed an activity where everyone could do their own Ancient Egyptian make up.

I asked the kids if they wanted to do it and at first they were all fairly keen but then they remembered that we were going out later and they all chickened out.  I decided that I would go ahead and do my own makeup just for fun...

So, there I was at the hall mirror applying a thick black line under my eye and extending it nearly to the bottom of my eyebrow as well as another thick black line to my upper lid when the doorbell rang!!

Seriously?! Practically no one EVER comes to my house through the day unless I've made specific plans but today and at this specific moment someone shows up?!! Are you kidding me?!

There is nothing I can do at this point, but answer the door with my face looking like I have no sweet clue how to apply eye makeup appropriately.  And at the door was just our friendly door to door salesman--this resulted in the ever so awkward explanation of why my face looked so lopsided.  The children were kind enough to interject their own comments and observations which was ever so helpful!

In other news, this afternoon when the kids and I were in town we stopped into Value Village and scored this lovely game for just $2.99!

Sean is super pumped to play it!

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