Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fun Events

It was a pretty productive day and had a few little surprises in it!

This morning the kids had their piano lessons and I planted some of our garden. I was happy to finally take some time to get Levi's picture up on the wall!

Awww, they're all so cute!

This afternoon Sean mowed the lawn all by himself for the first time.  He was so pleased to help out.  While he mowed I cut and burned some brush in our fire pit.  It wasn't exactly on my to do list but I'm glad to have gotten the bulk of it done.

While we were eating we had a surprise visit from Deda!  He came all the way from B.C. to spend time with family on P.E.I for the summer.  The kids were pretty pumped to see him! Deda is looking forward to teaching the kids to play soccer.

Afterwards we hit the library for some Lego challenge and game board fun.  There was a fun little draw for a gift certificate which I got to draw the name for.

As you can see, I took the job very seriously!
 Very excited for the winning Bowman family!

Nate and Ben hard at work!

Levi and I enjoying a rousing game of Connect Four.
Thank you, Denise for the photos!

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