Monday, June 19, 2017

Sandspit, Father's Day and Other Stories

Things have been pretty busy here in the Peric household.  Our homeschool group went to Sandspit on Thursday and we had an absolute blast!! 

This was the first year I brought Levi. I thought that he would instantly fall in love with the place but he was pretty cautious at first.  It wasn't until he and I tried out the helicopters that he seemed to find his groove! He tried out the Scrambler and even put his hands up and squealed and he loved the Tilt-a-Whirl--which he called the Apples. He went on all the little kid rides several times and then it was mommy's turn to try out some rides. 

I am so very thankful for all the moms that looked after Levi while I went and had a whole lot of fun!   I am also thankful for the mommas that went on rides with me!  So much screaming and laughing and arm waving!  I'm pretty sure the whole park heard Emily and I on the Paratrooper ride! While Sandspit is no Canada's Wonderland, it brought back lots of great family memories of fun and laughter!

We were pretty near the last people leaving the park and it was at that moment that the clouds finally opened up and the rain came tumbling down!  The kids were so pleased and cannot wait till next year!  And truth be told...neither can I!

Mr. Levi sporting my sunglasses and holding my phone.

This was the scariest moment for me!  The roller coaster ride needed a fifteen minute break and I watched as the teenagers basically threw themselves over the edge of the railing and hit the ground running. I decided that I would like to try that too!  So funny!  I was surprised at the amount of people that stood and watched as I made my grand leap from the railing!  I made it with a bit of a tumble on the ground--I am ever so graceful!!

Mr. Levi and I enjoying our last go of the Scrambler.

On Friday the kids and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon with the Beuckerts.  They brought us down to this lovely little stretch of beach which we all just loved!  I would love to go back again when the tide is out to do some more exploring.
Such a lovely little spot.

On Saturday my folks came over and we enjoyed a lovely visit together to celebrate Father's Day. They always have something for us and this time they brought our old Lite Brite and our old globe.

While Karina and I sat across from each other I couldn't help but mention how I wished we were closer but we just seemed worlds apart! LOL

The kids are loving the Lite Brite!

That brings us to Father's Day--by the looks of things on Facebook most people had some pretty polished days of fun in the sun with their family.  Ours was not so much--it wasn't horrible--it was just really lumpy with grumpy attitudes and things just not going according to plan. 

We slept in late and missed the first meeting at church which could easily send the day into a tailspin.  Thankfully Marko had the bright idea to go for a little drive to Lower Montague and we parked the van by the beach.  We sat and prayed, read Bible verses and Nate even recited Psalm 23 and Emma-Lyn drew pictures from Bible verses.  It was a good way to get back on track.

So much in love with this amazing godly man.  So thankful for the wonderful father that he is for our children.

In the afternoon we went to Uncle Henk's and Auntie Linda's for supper and Deda joined us for supper as well.  It was a nice evening to sit on the deck and chat.  I am very thankful for all of my family and glad that we were able to celebrate together.

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