Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

I'm a couple days late with my well wishes but it is no less heartfelt.  Loved spending time with this amazing couple at MacPhail's homestead for a little photo-op.  The mosquitoes were also quite happy we were there to feed them!

 Two years of wedded bliss!

Today we made the trek back up to camp to pick up Nate and Emma-Lyn.  They had a blast at camp!

 One very happy camper!

No sooner had we picked them up then we were off to a family picnic at Tea Hill
It turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon for a get together!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Big Storms and Other Stories

This past Friday P.E.I got hit with a whopper of a thunder storm or rather a bunch of thunderstorms.  It was the most intense system I've seen in a long time!  The street light by our house kept turning off as the lightning was so bright!  It was a bit of a thing trying to get the kids to bed during the first storm but they did fall asleep and stayed asleep through the rest of the night.  We even lost our power for a couple of hours!

Here are the storm clouds ramping up:

The weather had been quite hot and humid leading up to the storms but after they passed through, the humidity left and temps became warm instead of overwhelming.  On Saturday morning we went to Kings Castle for our Sunday School Picnic.  It was a perfect day.  The kids had a blast on the play equipment and we enjoyed lots of good food and music.

 Some of our kids off to play:

Music time!

And in other news this morning we were in Charlottetown to witness the baptism of our nephew Daniel.  I forgot my camera in the van so I don't have any pictures of that event.  And this afternoon we went back to Camp Emmanuel to drop off Emma-Lyn and Nate.  They were ever so excited!!

Emma-Lyn and her best friend Hannah:

And the moms get to have their picture taken too!

Mr. Nate was soooo happy!

So, now we're just a little family of four for the next week.  Tomorrow Sean is off on a deep sea fishing adventure with his Grammie Peric!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hello From the Hopes in the Netherlands!!

I am so excited and thrilled that my folks were able to be part of the Wuite family reunion in the Netherlands this summer!  My dad has never been to the Netherlands, so I'm sure this is extra special for him.  I wish I could have fit in their suitcase!!

I'm very thankful that my mother's cousin, Luuk sent along these lovely photos!  It looks like they are eating, drinking and talking up a storm!!

I can't wait to hear their stories!

This is outside Luuk's house!  Canada flag and Frisian banner.

It looks like mom and dad are a part of trade talks between the Netherlands and Canada!! LOL

Time for food!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's Pool Time Baby!!

 After many days of coming and going and company, it was nice to have a full day at home to ourselves.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the hub bub of summer busyness but I also adore those quiet putter about the home days too!

It was a gorgeous day and the temperatures were only getting warmer so we finally pulled out the pool.  It needs some TLC but we got it up and running and the kids were thrilled!

We called Grampa Hope at lunch time and sang Happy Birthday to him which I'm sure was THE highlight of his day!!

During one of the breaks at the pool the kids and I discussed plans for our upcoming homeschool year and the changes we might implement.  The kids seem keen and I'm getting back into that organizing and planning lessons kind of mind frame. 

It was lovely to sit on the deck and slowly sip my coffee and munch on some bread with hagleslag as the kids splashed and played.

For supper Marko barbecued the most delicious steaks ever!  That with some salad and grilled flat bread we were all very thankful for a delicious meal.  Marko and I went out for dessert while the kids had some down time and watched a show.  Nothing like a hot fudge sundae to top off a delightful day at home.

And just to keep it real--while all of these lovely things did happen--there were also those melt down moments and the rest of the crazy that comes with every family.

Gotta love flipping your water soaked hair!

 Nate was really trying to get into it too!

 And then there was splash time!
 Post splash fun!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Montague Days!!

This  weekend we are celebrating Montague's 100th birthday!!

On Friday we picked up a very happy and tired Sean from camp.  He had an amazing time as always.  It was a very special camp as this year he received his arrowhead this week.  Campers who have attended five camps earn this most sought after reward.  They receive a special neckerchief, a special breakfast and get to learn the secret of the arrowhead.  He was thrilled.

We went with friends to What's the Scoop for some much deserved ice cream treats.  The kids loved being able to spend more time with friends as well as get a little sugar rush.  After saying good bye to our friends we headed home to figure out what to do with our evening.  We could go to the beach, check out the music scene at the waterfront, or go for a drive.  In the end Marko and I both agreed that things had been busy enough and that it would just be nice to get cozy in the living room and watch a movie. It was definitely the best decision.

This morning we were off to the library.  The Library float for the parade was setting up and our kids were invited to be on the float.  They were pretty pumped and enjoyed waving to friends and family.  Afterwards there were hot dogs and pop for everyone. This was also a hit with the kids!

This afternoon we headed in town to drop off Grammie Peric's car as she returns late Sunday night.  We decided to run a few errands while we were in town and since it was getting late we grabbed some pizza and headed for the park in Stratford.  We messaged our friends, to see if they could join us but they were in Stanhope.  I was ever so thrilled when they pulled in the parking lot twenty minutes later! The kids had a blast and we enjoyed chatting together.

Happy to have my big boy home again.

The beginning of the parade. Levi was pretty impressed with all the police cars and fire engines!

Big birthday cake for Montague!

Kiddos on the library float.

And it's not a proper parade without a good pipe band!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summerside Lobster Festival!

The kids and I were out the door early to hit the Lobster Festival for 9:30.  I dropped Levi off with my wonderful friend Michelle which helped me out immensely!

The kids had a blast at the festival!  Their group came in second and the older group snagged first prize.

Look at them go:

It was an extra special treat to wish their amazing dance teacher happy birthday! One of the moms picked up a cake and some cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

Afterwards some of us headed in town to see if we could snag any good book bargains... I came home with these two beauties:
I was really excited to get the atlas one for only two dollars!!

After our bargain hunting we checked out what the Eptek Centre had to offer.  They were doing an exhibit of art inspired rug hooked pieces. This particular piece had to be the most interesting:
We're weren't entirely sure what to make of it--must be pretty warm in there.

My friends had to head home but we didn't have much a schedule to keep and so headed back to the festival to check out the midway.  I let the kids play some games and they took home a couple cute dog stuffy key chains.

We headed back to Michelle's for 3:30 and enjoyed a lovely visit.  We had the most delicious homemade pizza and garlic fingers!  We left around 6:30 or so and headed for home.  However, as we were passing through Cornwall I decided it would be fun to drop in on a dear friend and her family.

 I'm hardly ever out that way so it was nice to pop in.  Thankfully they weren't busy and just as happy to see us!  After another fun visit it was time to get to the business of actually going home.  The kids were all played out and definitely ready to hit the sack!

Monday, July 10, 2017

CAMP!!! And Other Stories

Sean is off to another week of camp!   He was ever so pumped to get to camp!  To be honest the boy has talked about camp ever since he first went there. It could be the middle of January and he would want to talk about camp and all the fun things he did there...and the food--the boy loved the food there.

Here he is with his buddy Isaiah in front of their cabin.

We have two more campers eagerly waiting in the wings for their turn at going to camp.  Nate and Emma-Lyn head out the week after next.

In the mean time we enjoyed a little trail walk/ride together.

 Today we went to a little beach near our good friends the Bueckerts. It was lovely.  The Bueckerts joined us and we had a delightful time walking on the shore and observing clams, crabs and other critters.  While exploring we bumped into a relative there. A cousin of my mother in law! Talk about your typical Island experience!

We had supper with the Bueckert's before heading home full of good food and fond memories.

Friday, July 07, 2017

It's Magic!

 After saying one last good-bye to Deda and wishing him well on his journey home we were off to Brudenell to take part in their fun day event.

The kids had fun playing beach volleyball with an enormous ball, soccer baseball and play time on the play ground equipment.  There was hotdogs and juice for lunch and then we were treated with a Mr.Magic Man performance.  The kids were thrilled and mesmerized.

Nate and his buddy Sammy enjoyed being part of the show:

 Love their expressions in this one.

After a short break at home we headed back out and picked up the MacGregors and headed for the beach.  The seagulls seemed quite intrigued with our alphabet pretzels:

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Last Day with Deda

Today was our last official day with Deda.  He leaves tomorrow to visit friends in Toronto before heading west. 

Deda treated us to some yummy milkshakes and ice cream at What's the Scoop this afternoon after our little stint of balloon animal making at the seniors home.  It was the perfect day for a little ice cream treat!

This evening the kids had one last step dance practice before the big lobster carnival in Summerside next week. Tomorrow our big plans involve saying good-bye to Deda and wishing him well and then we'll head over to Brudenell to check out their kids fun day!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Strawberry U-Pick

This morning the kids and I picked our first strawberries of the season. Love the taste of strawberries and strawberry shortcake is my favourite dessert!

Miss Emma-Lyn showing off her strawberry.

The kids had piano lessons as well this morning and Deda dropped in for a visit as well.  In the afternoon we popped over to the Bowman's for a wee visit and to pick up a balloon pump.  Tomorrow the kids and I are off to the senior's home to make balloon animals!!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Mosaic 150 Class

This evening the kids and I enjoyed a fun little painting event in honour of Canada's 150th birthday.  Communities across the country are creating murals that reflect the culture and history of Canada that will be prominently displayed in their communities for many years come.

For our event we were each given a small painted tile as well as a large blank tile to work with.  Our job was to recreate what we saw in miniature onto our larger tile.  David Trimble was our instructor and he was fabulous. The kids had a great time and we all got quite absorbed in our work and were surprised when it was time to pack up our brushes.

Here is Emma-Lyn working on her first masterpiece.  She and I and Nate pulled a bit of a switcheroo mid evening and worked on each other's paintings.  David has such a great personality and instantly put you at ease as you attempted to do what felt like the impossible.

Emma-Lyn switched to another painting that I had been working on as it had more blue in it.  And she loves blue so I took over this painting. While this did feel daunting at first it was fun and challenging to give it a whirl.

Nate and Sean both worked on this particular tile.
It was a really fun evening--hoping we can pop in again to do some more painting!

Meeting the Leader of the Opposition

Since we met the Prime Minister this week I thought it fitting to also go meet the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Andrew Scheer.  I

It was a lovely little picnic event. There were mussels, hot dogs and ice cream to eat and juice to drink. Mr. Scheer gave a short speech after which our children quite enjoyed some time playing with his children.  Also his son Henry seemed to get a kick out of taking pictures with my camera.

Mr. Scheer.

 I let the kids take some photos and I love this shot Emma-Lyn got of Marko.

And would you look at Mr. Toothless?!  What a cutie!

We had some tall ships sail in this weekend and we managed to watch them sail in and get docked but sadly missed our chance to take a tour of them.  These pictures are from Friday morning.

And tonight we had a bit of sparkler fun. 
 The kids really enjoyed them.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Happy Canada Day!!

 Such a great day spent with family and friends!

On our way to the parade in Cardigan we made some Canada Day crafts!
 I'm pretty pleased with my red and white maple leaf!!

At the parade we were joined by my amazing friend Ruth and her lovely son Tate!  The kids made out like bandits with all the candy they got!

 They're not especially good at looking at the camera when I'm taking a picture of them.

After the parade we headed home for lunch before heading off to Orwell Corner to meet up with more friends.  I was ever so delighted that we were able to meet up with my dear friend Stephanie and her family.  Stephanie and I and my sister have been friends for AGES!!  And even more delightful was to watch our children strike up their own friendships!

 These two lovely ladies quite enjoyed hanging out together.

One of our favourite things to do while at Orwell Corner is to join in all the fun races.  The kids get to play and even the adults get a chance to run a race or two.  Stephanie and I practiced and practiced our three legged race abilities and felt sure we would do well...

 Unfortunately we did take a tiny tumble but managed to get back up again and not come in dead last!  So I'd say that's quite the accomplishment!

 So very wonderful to have this amazing friend pop in my home for a little while--felt like old times!

We had supper at the waterfront in Montague--hotdogs, juice and cupcakes for all.  Unfortunately Stephanie and her sweet family had to head back to their cottage, but hopefully we can find some time tomorrow to hang out as well.

We enjoyed a bit of down time wherein we broke into song and sang a rousing God Save Our Queen which was quickly followed up with O Canada!  Then we were off to Souris for the fireworks show.

It was spectacular!