Sunday, July 23, 2017

Big Storms and Other Stories

This past Friday P.E.I got hit with a whopper of a thunder storm or rather a bunch of thunderstorms.  It was the most intense system I've seen in a long time!  The street light by our house kept turning off as the lightning was so bright!  It was a bit of a thing trying to get the kids to bed during the first storm but they did fall asleep and stayed asleep through the rest of the night.  We even lost our power for a couple of hours!

Here are the storm clouds ramping up:

The weather had been quite hot and humid leading up to the storms but after they passed through, the humidity left and temps became warm instead of overwhelming.  On Saturday morning we went to Kings Castle for our Sunday School Picnic.  It was a perfect day.  The kids had a blast on the play equipment and we enjoyed lots of good food and music.

 Some of our kids off to play:

Music time!

And in other news this morning we were in Charlottetown to witness the baptism of our nephew Daniel.  I forgot my camera in the van so I don't have any pictures of that event.  And this afternoon we went back to Camp Emmanuel to drop off Emma-Lyn and Nate.  They were ever so excited!!

Emma-Lyn and her best friend Hannah:

And the moms get to have their picture taken too!

Mr. Nate was soooo happy!

So, now we're just a little family of four for the next week.  Tomorrow Sean is off on a deep sea fishing adventure with his Grammie Peric!

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