Monday, July 10, 2017

CAMP!!! And Other Stories

Sean is off to another week of camp!   He was ever so pumped to get to camp!  To be honest the boy has talked about camp ever since he first went there. It could be the middle of January and he would want to talk about camp and all the fun things he did there...and the food--the boy loved the food there.

Here he is with his buddy Isaiah in front of their cabin.

We have two more campers eagerly waiting in the wings for their turn at going to camp.  Nate and Emma-Lyn head out the week after next.

In the mean time we enjoyed a little trail walk/ride together.

 Today we went to a little beach near our good friends the Bueckerts. It was lovely.  The Bueckerts joined us and we had a delightful time walking on the shore and observing clams, crabs and other critters.  While exploring we bumped into a relative there. A cousin of my mother in law! Talk about your typical Island experience!

We had supper with the Bueckert's before heading home full of good food and fond memories.

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