Sunday, July 02, 2017

Happy Canada Day!!

 Such a great day spent with family and friends!

On our way to the parade in Cardigan we made some Canada Day crafts!
 I'm pretty pleased with my red and white maple leaf!!

At the parade we were joined by my amazing friend Ruth and her lovely son Tate!  The kids made out like bandits with all the candy they got!

 They're not especially good at looking at the camera when I'm taking a picture of them.

After the parade we headed home for lunch before heading off to Orwell Corner to meet up with more friends.  I was ever so delighted that we were able to meet up with my dear friend Stephanie and her family.  Stephanie and I and my sister have been friends for AGES!!  And even more delightful was to watch our children strike up their own friendships!

 These two lovely ladies quite enjoyed hanging out together.

One of our favourite things to do while at Orwell Corner is to join in all the fun races.  The kids get to play and even the adults get a chance to run a race or two.  Stephanie and I practiced and practiced our three legged race abilities and felt sure we would do well...

 Unfortunately we did take a tiny tumble but managed to get back up again and not come in dead last!  So I'd say that's quite the accomplishment!

 So very wonderful to have this amazing friend pop in my home for a little while--felt like old times!

We had supper at the waterfront in Montague--hotdogs, juice and cupcakes for all.  Unfortunately Stephanie and her sweet family had to head back to their cottage, but hopefully we can find some time tomorrow to hang out as well.

We enjoyed a bit of down time wherein we broke into song and sang a rousing God Save Our Queen which was quickly followed up with O Canada!  Then we were off to Souris for the fireworks show.

It was spectacular! 

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