Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's Pool Time Baby!!

 After many days of coming and going and company, it was nice to have a full day at home to ourselves.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the hub bub of summer busyness but I also adore those quiet putter about the home days too!

It was a gorgeous day and the temperatures were only getting warmer so we finally pulled out the pool.  It needs some TLC but we got it up and running and the kids were thrilled!

We called Grampa Hope at lunch time and sang Happy Birthday to him which I'm sure was THE highlight of his day!!

During one of the breaks at the pool the kids and I discussed plans for our upcoming homeschool year and the changes we might implement.  The kids seem keen and I'm getting back into that organizing and planning lessons kind of mind frame. 

It was lovely to sit on the deck and slowly sip my coffee and munch on some bread with hagleslag as the kids splashed and played.

For supper Marko barbecued the most delicious steaks ever!  That with some salad and grilled flat bread we were all very thankful for a delicious meal.  Marko and I went out for dessert while the kids had some down time and watched a show.  Nothing like a hot fudge sundae to top off a delightful day at home.

And just to keep it real--while all of these lovely things did happen--there were also those melt down moments and the rest of the crazy that comes with every family.

Gotta love flipping your water soaked hair!

 Nate was really trying to get into it too!

 And then there was splash time!
 Post splash fun!


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Luuk van Dijk said...

Hi Laura and family, looking at the pictures it looks like live is treating you well at PEI!. Just a little note from Luuk from the Netherlands. Garry and Marianna arrived safely yesterday afternoon and currently are at our place in Hilversum. It was quite hot day yesterday to Dutch standards and we sat outside for the rest of the day. Of course spend time to catch up and make plans for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I will drive them up north for their reunion where they stay till Sunday. My sister Annet will pick them up in Drachten on Sunday and take them to Langezwaag where they live. We all will have dinner there and return to Hilversum on Sunday evening. The rest of next week we will spent on sightseeing and……talking I guess. Hope you have a great summer! Regards Luuk
Ps: is it possible to leave a picture as well on this blog?