Monday, July 03, 2017

Meeting the Leader of the Opposition

Since we met the Prime Minister this week I thought it fitting to also go meet the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Andrew Scheer.  I

It was a lovely little picnic event. There were mussels, hot dogs and ice cream to eat and juice to drink. Mr. Scheer gave a short speech after which our children quite enjoyed some time playing with his children.  Also his son Henry seemed to get a kick out of taking pictures with my camera.

Mr. Scheer.

 I let the kids take some photos and I love this shot Emma-Lyn got of Marko.

And would you look at Mr. Toothless?!  What a cutie!

We had some tall ships sail in this weekend and we managed to watch them sail in and get docked but sadly missed our chance to take a tour of them.  These pictures are from Friday morning.

And tonight we had a bit of sparkler fun. 
 The kids really enjoyed them.

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